I want to make you The Ultimate Negotiator
I want to make you The Ultimate Negotiator

  • Andy Boughton – former music industry executive

  • Talking about deception detection and commercial negotiation

  • Founder of The Edge Negotiation Group

  • I speak on ALL things negotiation to corporate clients and professional organizations.

Here is a sample of my Keynote speech Negotiation and Deception


Speaking Topics

Negotiation and Deception
The Ultimate Negotiation Strategy
Negotiating With your Partners

My Story

My Speaking, Consulting and Training Business
I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to negotiation.  I live it, breathe it, and even dream about it.
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My Family
I met my wife through a mutual friend in 1999.  We were married in 2003, and had our first child in 2005, and our 4th in 2010.  I am incredibly blessed.
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My Previous Experience in the Music Industry
... I was immediately hired by RCA Records as part of their management training program.
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What Attendees Say

it was the most valuable training I have ever been through in my 16 year career (and coming from Big 4 consulting I’ve been through a lot of training). 
Jeff Gould,  International Rectifier, Inc.
I highly recommend this class and Andrew. He makes the content enjoyable and applies the concepts into real life applications.
Todd Ashby, G4S Secure Solutions, Inc.
Overall, great program. Andy was an amazing coach as well.
Jason Howell, Sun Products, Inc.
Andrew is a great presenter with a lot of energy that keeps everyone engaged.  Never once did I find myself looking at the time.
Christian Giorgi, Vermilion Energy, Inc.
Andy was an excellent consultant, I liked his style and energy.
Anthony Lannon, Sun Products, Inc.
I feel that I can be better prepared for negotiations where I don’t have a lot of leverage , can now create many options during a negotiation, and identify when proposals are soft, which will help me get more value during future negotiations. Velina Luhur, Ann Inc.
Velina Luhur, Ann Inc.

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