Negotiation and Deception

CONTENT:  To be the ultimate negotiator you need to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.  People lie when they negotiate.  They exaggerate their strengths, conceal their weaknesses, and omit pertinent facts in an effort to get a better deal.  I share with you the secrets of how to use simple behavioral psychology techniques with contemporary negotiation strategy to help you get the TRUTH!  Topics covered include:

  • Styles of negotiation
    • Auctions
    • Hardbargaining
    • Concession Trading
    • Win Win
    • High Dependency
  • The Autonomic Nervous System and conflict
  • Deception Detection techniques
    • Verbal slips
    • Emblematic slips
    • Micro expressions
    • Manipulators

DELIVERY:  I combine passion and humor to captivate the audience as I reveal the secrets to becoming The Ultimate Negotiator.  All presentations include customized content to address current attendees issues and strategic initiatives.  I use video examples and real life stories from my record label days to emphasize the practical application of the concepts.  Exercises and case studies are always included to maximize attendee engagement.

AUDIENCE:  “Negotiation and Deception” is the perfect presentation for professionals in  sales, procurement, merchandising, business development, project management, marketing, and finance.  Audiences are typically corporate clients, private equity groups, trade shows, and conferences.  The content is suitable for any size audience.

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